Lucky 13

The talented individuals from Lucky 13 Tattoo studio came to us looking for a brand new site, something that reflected their art and studio space. Entering their shop, its unique look was definitely something we wanted to capture in this unique website. Even using the same gold-coloured wood walls and ornate picture frames we created this dynamic wordpress-based site that puts across their personalities & beautiful art.


After we produced his website last year, DJ/Producer Argento wanted a fresh new look to his site with more content and a captivating way of showing it. We went about a complete re-design and produced a slick one page site with all of his new content. Based upon his existing WordPress site, it was simply created as a new theme to allow him to keep using the system he was used to but adding to it a wealth of new features and possibilities.

Sonny Wharton

Over the past few years we’ve been looking after Sonny’s website, giving it a fresh look each year and this year designing him a new logo. Working closely with his team we came up with a brand new design and built on his existing website to add in new features and a brand new layout. With a few little animation touches, dynamic background image and mobile support, he loved the result.

Dirty Secretz

We’ve constantly support Dirty Secretz over the past few years, giving him a fresh new look to his site every year and handling all of his multimedia needs. For the latest incarnation of his website we created a dynamic parallax scrolling site that really takes advantage of his new press photos. We also implemented a custom audio player that integrates Soundcloud’s API and the releases on his website.

Met Projects

New startup Met Projects came to use wanting two brand new sites, one for his main agency site and a second for it’s sister company Flush Washrooms. The brief was to keep them with similar styling but to give them their own identity. Both are backed by WordPress giving the client the access and power to update their site whenever they wish, adding images into the dynamic galleries and slideshows and choose templates for their content on a page-by-page basis.

Grace Elkin Photography

Talented photographer Grace Elkin came to use wanting a website that could really show off her photos and serve as an online portfolio to attract her customers. As she had two different sides to the kind of photography she did, we clearly split the website into two halves: a dark side and a light side. This allowed Grace to show the two sides individually but also tied together with the same look and feel across the website.

Becky Williams Photography

Whilst running her existing business Tummy To Toddler, Becky came to us wanting a brand new site that she could put her portfolio of photographic work on. We wanted to let her fantastic photos do the talking so the first thing you see when you hit the site is a full screen slideshow of just some of her best shots. Backed with WordPress, Becky is able to manage her side, adding and editing the content whenever she wishes and updating the galleries with her latest shots.

Workin Class

Workin Class is the new brand by J-Luv, talented tattoo artist from Leicester. A site to showcase her work, it also needed to tightly integrate her clothing range that is sold through Spreadshirt. We worked hard to tie the design across both sites to create a seamless experience and let her artwork do the talking.

Steve Haines

DJ/Producer Steve Haines wanted a brand new site that he could manage his self easily and quickly. As with all our sites, we started by creating a Photoshop visual of what the site could look like and then worked with Steve to refine the look before then building it into a fully WordPress-backed website, allowing him to take control of his content.


DJ, Producer & Record Label Websites

One of our specialities are DJ, Producer and Record label websites. We have years worth of experience designing and building custom sites for the music artists and their record labels so we know the features they need and unique style they have stick out from the pack.

Building in music management, events, social media and total custom requests, we like to build sites with impact, feature-rich but simple to use and update by yourself or your team. See our work gallery for examples of just some of the artists we’ve produced websites for.

WordPress Websites

WordPress is one of the most widely used and respected content management systems out there. It allows you to take control of your website and manage it in a very quick, simple way from anywhere in the world using just your internet browser. We specialise in creating bespoke themes that can transform the standard WordPress site into something unique, more powerful and that creates an impact.

Our process is to design the site to how you want it. After talking to you about your needs, inspirations and aspirations, we first design a mockup of how the website could look. We then go over this, making any amendments or changes until we have the design you want. Once this is finalised we go about building the site, using WordPress as the rock solid base for it.

We can also expand on WordPress’ system by building in any extra functionality that your site needs, creating the custom solution for your needs.


Photoshop to Web

We can take your photoshop designs and transform them into a web coded version. We can take your layered file and create all the necessarily HTML & CSS, along with carving up and optimising the images you have. This can be static HTML pages, custom development or even turning your PSD into a WordPress theme.


Web Development

We have a strong list of clients that we have completed custom web development work from. Previous work includes bespoke intranets, staff management, iPad conference feedback solutions, text message gateways and much more. We specialise in creative custom development solutions that can help your business run easier, your event run smoother or create that idea you have.


Video Graphics

With a wealth of experience of creating video graphics for anything from a website to whole building projection mapping, we can create videos of any size and purpose. We specialise in creating promotional video teasers that create an impact and act as a multimedia viral tool to spread your message.



Brand new site

Welcome to a brand new Monio site.

As we always do, we've put our clients first before having chance to get our own site done but its finally here. We wanted to make it right so we've certainly taken our time with it. Over the coming weeks and months you'll see new content and designs on the site along with a more regular blog. Please let us know if you have any comments on the new site, we'd love to hear what you've got to say

You'll also see some new designs in the Work section including a preview of the new site we have in development for DJ/Producer Argento and the brand new look Sonny Wharton website.


New Sonny Wharton & Lucky 13 websites

Things have been busy here, at the moment I’m prepping for release the new website for DJ/Producer Sonny Wharton and tattoo studio Lucky 13. Both are being given a real fresh look and a ton of playful features. In other news, the new Monio site is also in production WITH PORTFOLIO… finally and should be live mid-september!

Coming along… slowly

I’ve taken the portfolio page down for now while I work on it, lots of new items to put on it but hopefully it’ll be back up soon. Some great new work for Becky Williams Photography, Somewhere House and updates to a number of existing sites are on their way.

Starting to take shape

Plenty of new projects in the pipeline here but the main Monio site is starting to take shape now. New pieces of work are being added to the gallery regularly and soon we’ll hopefully have everything in there. This month there are new projects on their way for Met Projects and a 2013 refresh of the Sonny Wharton website. Its all go here!

In the works

What you’re seeing here is the start of the new website. I’m currently rebuilding it from scratch and adding a whole load of new content that I’ve neglected to put on over the past few months. As I build the sections I’ll put them live so you can see it grow as I progress through it all. Would also love to hear your feedback on the site, just leave them in the comments below.

Mike Hubbard Photography

An interesting project arrived at my door the other day. Mike, an amazingly talented photographer, had a real nice slick website but wanting to keep it update he installed a blog. This instantly created two areas of the website that looked completely different. Now we couldn’t have that so I designed him a custom WordPress theme to tie in the design of the current site. Be sure to check out his site here.

Just updated

I’ve just updated the site with a nice new look. Take a look at that view. And unfortunately no, that is not the view from my window. That would be mostly grey at the moment.

Grace Elkin site

Check out the new website I’ve done for talented photographer Grace Elkin.

Lucky 13 Tattoo website

I’ve just added a new site to the projects section, check out the site I did for Leicester-based Tattoo studio¬†Lucky 13¬†or visit the website now live here.

Thickbox being thick

Had an odd problem this morning with Thickbox, the handy script that pops your images up in an overlay over the content. Normally I’d use shadowbox (it looks nicer) but this old site has been running thickbox for a good number of years. (more…)

IANVS71 Records site

We’ve just finished designing the new IANVS71 Records website. It’s got a bit of content to go on there yet but be sure to check it out in the Portfolio section and the live site.

Free The Beats site

We’ve just finished a website for Free The Beats, a new dance music blog giving out free house music. A hot little WordPress-driven site that we had good fun creating and customising. Check out the website here at

Site updated

I’ve just updated the site with a few of my latest projects which you can see via the slider on the homepage or by clicking into projects. More coming soon!

jQuery freshness

You can always rely on Smashing Magazine for some great inspiration, this time from its sister site Noupe and a collection of brand new jQuery plugins. Definitely some tasty stuff in there that I’ve bookmarked ready for future projects…

Multisort Arrays, sexy talk eh?

Well yesterday proved to be a typical case of spending hours looking for a solution and then implementing it in 5 minutes. On an intranet build I came across this problem of pulling in various databases, doing various calculations on them and then displaying them. This was all fine and sorted with the help of mySQL, some complex select statements and PHP to do the grouping calculations. The problem was in the sorting of arrays. Using asort I’d been able to easily sort the results in order but how could you sort a multi-associative array by TWO parameters?

I went through the process of thinking how to split the array, sort it and then join it back together, a complex procedure that just seemed way too much work and tweaking to get working right. Then I tried creating a new array just for the sorting part, needless to say this would work on one parameter but then not on the other.

After a few hours I was about to give up until I came apon a new PHP function to me, array_multisort. This little beauty allows you to take two arrays, or in my case, one array and sort by multiple parameters. So rather than another 20-30 lines of code breaking up and reassigning arrays, this little function did it all in one line. Thanks PHP!

What on earth is ICEregions.htm?

Well turns out it has something to do with Dreamweaver’s cache. Today was a day like any other only Dreamweaver decided to have fit on me for some reason declaring that ‘ICEregions.htm’ was corrupt. Turns out what you need to do is delete Dreamweaver’s cache and it’ll all be fine. A little search later and I found this post on Adobe’s site that seems to clear the situation right up…


Welcome to this site, a new test bed for my ideas, plugins, themes and general note taking from all that I come across whilst in the conquest to beautifully code this online world. There’s so many times that I’ve spend hours trying to find out something code-wise, then months later doing exactly the same thing because I never got round to making note of the fix. So I’ll also be posting here all that I learn on a daily basis in the hopes that it might help someone else out too!


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